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The Client

The YADES Event planning agency is next to you with the most dreamy, most special, most fabulous suggestions and makes your own event unique. The Wedding Planner Tsioulka Pasxalia designs and creates your own event and takes care of everything to the last detail!

The Goal

My goal while making this website was to create a simple and elegant website to correctly represent the style of the Event Planner. I used the latest design trends as well as the most up-to-date software of WordPress.

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Yades Website Full Preview



The result is a clean, easy to understand website with an own identity. The owner specifically wanted it to be visual. That’s why I chose to put a slider on top of the Home page. This creates a wow factor and also shows the area where they are most active. I also used their own photography to create an authentic feeling.
I wanted to take this website a step further, so I made a fully custom portfolio for the owner to upload all of their events, so that new customers could look at her work and decide if they wanted to go with YADES for their event.