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The Client

Rabbet is the only construction finance software that intelligently parses documents and connects information for frictionless transactions. Through intelligent automation of the construction draw process, our platform eases the administrative burden while connecting everyone with accurate information faster.

The Goal

The old website of Rabbet was made with old software and looked outdated. The owner wanted us to create a refreshing design and clean up the website on the back-end. He also wanted more focus on the product itself, since the old website only focussed more on the blogposts.

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First, we exported all pages of the old website, then we started looking at what elements were necessary and which were not. Then we created new sketches, made the design 2020 proof and made sure there was more focus on the product itself. This resulted in a complete content website. We’re really pleased with the result and the client was super happy too.
Probably the most viewed page on the website. This page is a scroll animated about page.
Fully custom login system to handle all the clients of the website.