Speech about the Brain Drain phenomenon.

As is well known, all countries invest huge sums in their respective education department to “produce” capable young scientists, but why? Just for them to leave the country as soon as they finish their studies? …I recently read a study about the “Brain Drain” phenomenon in Greece which revealed that about 140,000 young scientists are migrating to other countries for work and thus I realized that things were much worse than I originally thought. This is why I think it is imperative to make you, my peers, aware of this phenomenon, its causes and the catastrophic consequences it may bring to our societies.

The “Brain Drain” phenomenon is very despairing, but it is logical since our country is not capable of keeping all these great minds here, as it’s far behind in investment capital compared to other countries, has quite reduced salaries and finally, there are the “media” which are constantly intensifying the phenomenon of xenomania. First and foremost, we all know that our country in recent decades is facing a serious economic crisis, which is very discouraging for potential investors, who could with their funds back or create new start-ups which will be able to employ and satisfy young scientists financially. In addition, existing companies/enterprises in Greece offer young scientists much lower and even degrading salaries compared to those that they can earn abroad. Of course, there is the argument that the cost of living in our country is lower than living abroad but unfortunately the ratio between salary and cost of living in Greece compared to abroad is discouraging.

Thus, the effects of the phenomenon are inevitable, as there are direct consequences on the future living standards of our societies, the risk of future economic collapse as well as deconstruction at the social level. With young scientists leaving our country, in the future, there will be no people left to constantly evolve our country’s science and technology departments which will result in the standard of living of the country being significantly degraded. Also, several problems will arise in the production/manufacturing sector with the immediate consequence of additional devaluation of the economy and in the future even its complete collapse. The main consequence, however, is disintegration and thus the dysfunction of our society, as a significant percentage of the upper-middle and first class will move abroad, thus leaving the lower classes as a majority, which will upset the balance of all societies in the country.

To summarize, the brain-drain phenomenon is not baseless but is mainly a result of the poor economic situation in our country, a situation which will worsen due to the phenomenon along with the disintegration of our society. So let’s hope that the appropriate authorities and the state will be able to find a solution to this catastrophic phenomenon.

Thank you all for your attention

Speech written by Socrates Omiliadis